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CA Pankaj Goel is one stop solution for financial and educational planning and guidance

Finance Consulting For Challenging Times

We have an objective and motto to provide correct complimentary guidance to march towards FIRE (FINANCIAL INDEPEDNENT RETIRE EARLY ) from our experience:

- CA Pankaj Goel, with more than 2 decades of experience and more than 25000 satisfied customers, is a one-stop solution for Financial and Educational Planning and guidance

- We are one of the best Consulting professionals in the buisness

We always believe in not meeting but beating our expectations as our motto is PANKAJ SIR KA WADA: TO PROVIDE CORRECT ADVISE AND SOLUTIONS from our real-life experience


We aimed to guide you from our experiences and learning, explore opportunities and solutions you may never have thought of and achieve results better than you expectations.


We are the professional pool of specialist led by CA Pankaj Goel, a professional qualified chartered Accountant (Consultant/Academician and Financial Advisor), with specialisation in Development Sector consulting academics and Financial Advisory.

CA Pankaj Goel is the Founder Director of PA Business Consulting (P)Limited, a Company with more than a decade of experience.


We are one of very few Professionals who are catering to multi-disciplinary field of education, finance and consulting

  • We belief in providing to good quality services on time as we belief trouble can come 24*7 and thus solution shall be available 24*7
  • We believe that correct steps taken at right time will explore the pandora box of opportunities in future through empowering of finance and education.


We are departmental store offering all best solutions from our real experience under one window:

What We Do?

Accountants manage financial records and tax compliance, while financial planners provide holistic strategies for future financial success. Accountants focus on past data, financial planners look forward, offering comprehensive plans for goals like investments and retirement. Both roles contribute to overall financial well-being with distinct focuses – record-keeping versus strategic planning.

Accounting is the systematic process of recording, summarizing, and analyzing financial transactions to provide a clear picture of a business’s financial health. It works by categorizing transactions into accounts, utilizing principles like the double-entry system and following standardized rules such as GAAP. The process involves recording daily transactions, posting them to ledgers, creating financial statements like the balance sheet and income statement, and finally, analyzing these statements for decision-making and compliance.

VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) are similar consumption taxes applied in various countries. Both taxes are based on the value added at each stage of production and distribution. However, they differ in nomenclature and administration. VAT is typically used in European countries and is implemented uniformly across the European Union, while GST is more common in countries like India, Canada, and Australia, with rates and regulations varying by jurisdiction.


We are a one of the best financial professional

  1. All India Topper In Class XII In Mathematics With 100% Marks.
  2. School Topper In Class XII Examination
  3. Short-Term Consultant For The World Bank.
  4. Have Guided More Than 25000 Satisfied Dearones
  5. Has been part of the team as Financial Management Specialist that supported desgin & impelmentation of FLAG SHIP MISSIONSi


Elevating financial success through expertise and guidance, our mission is to empower clients with strategic financial solutions, ensuring precision, growth, and prosperity on their financial journey.


Integrity, Expertise, Client Success - our core values drive us to deliver trusted and impactful financial solutions, fostering lasting partnerships with our clients.


We strive to be the best in providing real life solution to impact lives as we believe in KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT


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