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    CA Pankajj

    Pankajj Goel as Teacher:  He has worked in the past in various colleges of Delhi University including SRCC. Also, he has been taking accounts for CA Students at ICAI and Aldine. He has taught more than 20000 students till now having teaching experience of more than 20 years.

    Rooted in a rich educational history Ca Pankajj has supported a legacy of learning. From delivering lectures on complex topics to sharing insights on cracking CA exams his journey is marked by a commitment to knowledge dissemination. CA pankajj have actively contributed to conferences, workshops, and training sessions, honing skills in areas such as Accrual Accounting, IFRS and more. His thirst for learning has been quenched through diverse training, including ISO 9001:2000 Internal Audit and Financial Analysis workshops. Articles and research papers in esteemed journals underline our dedication to advancing understanding and shaping discourse in the financial realm.

    What We Offer

    Our educational programs are designed to empower you with the financial literacy and expertise needed to make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.

    As Consultant

    With over 23 years of experience in the development sector, CA Pankajj is a distinguished finance professional. He has led numerous initiatives, aiding urban local bodies in implementing substantial financial and management reforms, enhancing tax collection and fortifying financial systems.

    As An Academician

    He is a first-class commerce graduate from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. He completed the Master of Commerce and Philosophy from the prestigious Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University. He had a bright academic career. 

    As Financial Planner and Trainer

    As a Financial Planner, he provides solutions from his journey and experiences. He guides how to be FIRE: financially independent and retire e early from this learning through an advisory in Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits and loans.

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    We aimed to guide you from our experiences and learning explore opportunities and solutions you may never have thought of and achieve results better than your expectations.


    Our Leadership :

    We are a professional pool of people led by CA Pankajj Goel, a Professional Qualified Chartered Accountant(Consultant/Academician and Financial Advisor), with specialization in Development Sector consulting, academics and Financial Advisory.

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    We are one of the very few professionals who are catering to multi-disciplinary fields of education, finance and consulting.
    • We believe in providing good quality services on time as we believe trouble can come 24*7 and thus solutions shall be available 24*7
    • We believe that the correct steps taken at the right time will explore the Pandora's box of opportunities in future through empowering of finance and education.
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    We are a departmental store offering all the best solutions from our real experience under one window.
    •  In terms of education/academics, we have unique student-friendly style of Bollywood accounts which you can cater to @bollywoodaccountsbypankajjgoel
    • In terms of Consulting, you may refer to our blogs/research papers/articles in our publication section and about courses in Municipal Finance etc at @develSectorConsult_Pankajjgoel.
    • In terms of Financial Planning and others, you may get in touch @throughonestopsolution_pankajjgoel.

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