21 Apr 2021

Tips for CA Exams preparation in last months

CA aspirants, here in this section we are providing details on CA exams preparation tips on order to get good marks.

Don’t Waste Long Time For Theory Subjects

This is one of the CA exam preparation tips. The CA course is a mix of theory and practical subjects. The syllabus of every subject is vast. During the time of the revision, you have to allot a day to revise 2 or 3 subjects, sticking for 1 theory subject for 1 day is not a good idea and it wastes time. You have to combine both the theory and practical subjects and change the chapters in an hour or two during the time of preparation for revision.

Speak Loudly – CA Exams Preparation Tips

This is another best CA exam preparation tip that helps you a lot at the time of preparation for the exam. While you are revising theory subjects it is advised to read loudly, because as it is a theory subject it causes sleepy while learning or reading it. So, to distract from sleeping you have to read loudly in order to stay concentrated and focused. This tip makes you learn faster and also improves your capability to recall each topic during the exams.

Avoid Junk Food

It is advised for the students to avoid junk foods at the time of revision for their exams. By consuming junk food one feels sleepy and reduces their energy. Many students eat snacks, burgers etc. during their study time, these foods make you tired and groggy. You should also stay away from sugary, fatty food and fried food if possible. Take plenty of water and fruit juices to refresh yourself for a whole day. Eat light, fresh and green veggies to improve your concentration on your studies.

Do Exercise or Yoga

This is one of the best CA exam preparation tips. Start your day with doing exercises or yoga for 20 minutes. By doing exercise your yoga for 20 minutes you will get the energy for the whole day. By doing exercises your mind feels relaxed and your body gets the strength to study well. By performing yoga you can increase your concentration power and can study well. Avoid doing heavy exercises like weight lifting and doing jogging for 1 hour. Do simple exercises or jog for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

Hang Chart On The Wall – CA Exams Preparation Tips

This is another best tip, you are advised to hang a chart on the wall for remembering Acts. CA is a course that consists of acts, sections, and amendments. So, make a habit of preparing a chart and hang it on the wall in order to study acts in the leisure time. By doing like this you can revise them whenever you pass through there.

Do Not Overtake Caffeine

If you are taking lots of coffee or tea to stay awake please avoid it. Many assume that taking coffee or tea makes you get rid of sleep, but intake of coffee or tea makes you feel dizzy and it doesn’t increase your energy level. You should not consume coffee more than 4 cups for a day. Keep in mind that to minimize the sugar content when you are consuming tea or coffee.

Short Breaks Must

This is another best exam preparation tip. Studying for long hours makes you feel bored and loses your focus, so it is advised to take short breaks every 2 hours. So, take short breaks to increase your concentration and focus on your studies. Take a short break to walk or eat something which makes you refresh. During short breaks listen to music without lyrics which energizes you to get back to study.

Pankajj Goel